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Company Profile

Foundation Foundation of Qingdao Kropfmuehl Graphite Co., Ltd. was in year 2000 in Qingdao, Shandong Province, P.R. China.    
Corporate Structure Qingdao Kropfmuehl Graphite Co., Ltd. is a wholly foreign owned enterprise, with 100% shares held by Graphit Kropfmuehl GmbH.    
Position Production and distribution of natural flake graphite, amorphous graphite and expandable graphite as well as synthetic graphite for delivery into both domestic and overseas markets.    
Position Distributor for GK Group products (standard grades as well as specialities like Sri Lankan Vein Graphite) in China.    
Headquarters The GK Group of companies is managed by Graphit Kropfmuehl located in Kropfmuehl, Germany.    
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